Adele Live 2017: a concert that actually made you feel good about yourself

I'm for nostalgia only when it comes to family. For music- sure, it's a trip listening to those 80s and 90s tunes- but I am hinged (on that rare occasion) to the present. That is why when Madonna came to New Zealand, there wasn't really that attachment anymore to music that felt firmly rooted in the past (Material Girl in the late 80s and Vogueing to Vogue at the University of the Philippines in the 90s). I discovered Adele by accident way before she imploded. And while those sad and forlorn train commutes listening to 'One and Only' are now in the past, I am still hinged to her music (pre-ordered 25 and I NEVER EVER buy music) because:
1. I do love ballads
2. I am always partial to music I can sing (and I can actually sing thank you very much)
3. And while music can be many things to many people, it is to me, something that is personal and relatable. And Adele is relatable.

When she came on and without hesitation, plunged into the downpour, you already felt that you've gotten your money's worth; that this is one person you feel that you actually know. That she actually comes closest to being real is both an enigma and an anomaly in this day and age where people share a lot of things, a lot of which are not even 'real'.

The only bullshit thing about the concert was the stupid Auckland rain- but then I thought, I probably would only be able to experience this once. Adele had said after all, she didn't care about the money. The tour could be her last. That two armies wouldn't be able to coax her to do one more album. That family, happiness and peace of mind, were far more valuable things.

She couldn't have been more right.