Question Of The Day

Is every single day a sort of struggle or are we just imagining it?
— Me, today, while looking at my pile of clothes

1. There are always dishes on the sink

2. I looked bad in a photo, and it was an Android one with a 'beauty filter'

3. I can never seem to organise my clothes

4. I try to picture myself in 10 years and all I see is NOTHING

5. I actually managed to save enough in just 4 months to pay off a credit card (in the low five figures), and here I am planning to spend it again

6. I really need to have an above-average fitness regimen

7. I feel that 75% of what I do online is a complete waste of time

8. I logged back in again to my old Facebook account for a peek and realised that I made the right decision to get out of it.

9. Where is my place in this world?? I am here, but it seems that my feet are not planted firmly on anything

10. I need to re-organise. Again. And then again. I feel that if I stop, it's all over. 

11. Expression is not all about an image. I've made my camera-phone a crutch for far too long.