No need to be convinced

I'm annoyed by people who thrust their grubby (mostly Android) phones in your face and extol the virtues of a better screen; a faster processing rate; short-cuts galore blah blah blah.


I have better things to do than debate over the pointless techno-minutiae that passes for facts in most Apple versus Android discussions. Having started with the iPhone 3G and all through 4S, 5 and my current 6 Plus, along with two iPads, an iMac, a 15-inch MacBook Pro and an Apple Watch, I am not an Apple whore thank you very much- true whores after all, try everything and everyone.

I am wedded to Apple and my loyalty to the brand is borne by years of not having to think too much of them- the spare efficiency of the operating system just lets you do what you need to do without the tedious, annoying upkeep of Android (and Windows). And when it dies, it is irrevocably gone, and you move on, though lately, you no longer have to wait out till your device actually dies. There are various points of criticism there- the disposability of stuff, the deliberately planned obsolescence blah blah blah.


I'm your typical consumer and my choices have not been made with a gun to my head, so it baffles me why people go out of their way to defend theirs by putting down yours. 

If there's one thing I regret about Apple is that I miss the days when its users were just a small, cozy bunch. Now, you have all these people who buy it for the very reasons Apple haters have hinged their vitriol on; that it's a status symbol created by a clever mega-corporation that's out to get your money. Well, it's no one's business as to how you spend your money- though I think there are exceptions, like when you go for cheapest (instead of cheaper) which is a waste of money cmon, or when you buy products designed by Kanye West.

Other than that, I can say from experience Apple is worth every cent and no, Apple hasn't paid me to say that.

The iPhone 7 may look like the iPhone has for years, but it works better. Differently, too. It’s more seamless, more open to third parties, and more connected to the rest of the Apple ecosystem. More than anything, this phone is Apple’s acknowledgement that how an iPhone looks is increasingly beside the point. What matters is what an iPhone can do.