The future is now

I came out of a screening for Blade Runner 2049 with a profound sense of familiarity and that for me, is the weakness of a film belonging to a genre that is supposed to reposition your mindset of the future. It fails this and this is the bleakest realisation- that future is actually already here. 

1. Society is prepared for fully-conscious Artificial-intelligence because it has been treating non-conventional people as if they just only recently came to life. So if you're a replicant, a gender-fluid teen, a 65-year old transgender woman or a pugnacious Democrat, expect to be embraced, vilified, tortured, celebrated or murdered, all depending on the timing and mood.

2. Patriarchy is an old God that refuses to die. You've knocked down someone like Harvey Weinstein, but there is a long way to go (how many lifetimes will it take to get there?). It's women versus ideology, versus religion, even versus themselves.

3. Climate change is real and all you need to confirm it for some of us who have been around longer, is to believe what your gut tells you. And mine is telling me, winter is probably coming.

4. What is the opposite of dystopian? Why isn't anyone writing or making movies about that?

5. If the future is here, don't be the fool who persists in clinging to the past. Yield yes, but don't bend too much. 

This is the first age that’s ever paid much attention to the future, which is a little ironic since we may not have one
— Arthur C Clarke, 1976

The future is...embrace it, use it