What makes you happy

Apparently, today is International Day of Happiness. After having spent the whole weekend working at our annual show thingy, I was exhausted by Sunday but still believed that if I slept early, I would wake up recovered Monday. But I didn't because I watched the latest episode of Greys Anatomy and had to wake up to get a ride with Mary at 6:30am- which I could have cancelled the night previous but didn't.

But that's two things that make me happy- sleep and watching Greys Anatomy.

At the office, my boss looked bleary eyed but refused to admit he was tired from the weekend as well. He gives me that pensive look and asks the one question every boss should ask- 'are you happy?'. And I answer with the truth- 'I am'. 

I get excited for Mondays. I curate what I wear. I don't eat tragic sandwiches for lunch. And if you're happy at work; that's about half the healthy total.

The other half are:
Knowing the kids are safe, healthy and happy too



Great food

Memories of home

Rain and cold