Happy birthday Binky!

I think that I tend towards writing fiction because I don't remember things very well. I think it also keeps me young in a sense- I'm never burdened by the past. When it's gone, it's gone and I only recall the good and happy memories. It makes for skipping and jumping towards the future much easier and less painful on the knees and joints too!

So on the occasion of Binky's birthday, I'll try to jog my memory a bit and try to recall stuff about her; she could always email to correct me if I got things wrong.

1. She won every beauty contest in high school

2. She got into UP Diliman but chose to study in Dagupan instead

3. She took the Physical Therapy national licensure exams a few months after graduating. The exams were somewhere in Pasay, or Cubao and were held for three consecutive days. Her fiance Al and I accompanied her and we all stayed in a motel that didn't have windows. I don't remember ever going out in those three days and just ordered in; my dad paid for all of it. It had a good result though; she ranked 11th over-all. 

4. My dad gave her and Al a bed and mattress as a wedding gift, but they didn't get to use it much because they had to leave for overseas. I ended up using the bed at home in Naguilayan.

5. The last time she visited the Philippines was 2004 when my dad passed away.

6. Happy birthday!