First day of spring

It's the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere and after eight years I'd like to think that like the natives, I can sense the change. There are days though washed out in spring rain that I get flashbacks of Pangasinan in June. Memory is so powerful that I struggle against the urge to just stay at home; to read a book (I haven't in ages); to go to the gym (I have yet to go full out for the new season); or make myself a comforting dish of shrimp or pork sinigang. 

'Spring cleaning' is such a cliche, but I think we need all the motivational metaphors we can get to push ourselves out of the lethargy of winter. I love the cold but I've realised that it has turned me inwards so much that the insulation has rendered me efficient but creatively lethargic. I've been struggling to write. I've been doubting my voice. I've spent a small fortune on winter clothing just so I could feel the way I look (now, that's sad!).

So yes- time for a (spring) clean. Bring on the cliches and the metaphors. 

Life goes on and you just have to deal with it the best you can.