H&M lands in New Zealand 1st October

The (trying hard) fashionista in me should rejoice but I had the chance to see what H&M has to offer when I was in Melbourne and I was shocked that 50-65% of its stock was garbage. Bad seams. Bad fabric; the kind that doesn't forgive you after one wrong cycle in the washing machine. Bad fit (especially if you're fat and bravely asking the sales associate if they had something in uhm, 2XL). For about 80% of the general population, when will we ever learn that we're just deceived by stylist's tricks, photoshop and even by our own sense of bad judgment? And mine is this unwavering belief that if I visualised it hard enough (which I do), I can adequately fill those sleeves and those pant legs as if I was six foot flat with perfectly proportioned limbs.

I mean I don't look that bad, but I'm definitely not six feet tall and for most of these clothes, an additional 3-4 inches in height makes all the difference in proportion and symmetry. Sure, it's definitely how one pulls it off but again, one could over exert one's self-confidence. 

Take your cue from H&M itself and the irony that while it purports to make high fashion accessible for everyone, the majority don't fit the physical template these clothes are presented in.