Between the ages of 21 and 28, I was homeless at least in my mind. Flitting between jobs and various places in Manila, the only constant was getting on that bus to Pangasinan to go home to Naguilayan for some respite; for some money from my dad; for some breathing space. Burdened with a really bad memory, I can only recall bits and pieces from this period, all seemingly unconnected except for one common thread- I was actually aimless. I would have grieved, been regretful for literally wasting a decade, but ignorance is really bliss. How does one grieve for something one can't remember losing? 

Project Four in my mind

There is a life we led before
we had all these facetious connections.
I certainly didn't need
to Google, iMessage, tweet
to find you.
Because I did.
A bunch of yellow roses,
led the way home


You’re an Water Rat if you’re born in 1972 (New Year 2032 will be the next Water Rat generation to come). In 2016, you’re 44 years old. Your Totem Number is 49. Your Unlucky Number is 55.*

People born in the Year of the Water Rat can tolerate many things provided to get a benefit from their patience and efforts. The more money a Water Rat earns, the better he/she works.

The Water Rat is the most secret, but also the most tender of all Rats. Extremely pragmatic and farsighted, the Water Rat does not engage in a relationship unless he sees some value in it. Very sociable, enjoying a good chat, but also discreet and solitary depending on his mood, the Water Rat isn't the kind of Rat who will seek the spotlight at all costs. Always charming and charismatic, the Water Rat excels as much in negotiation than in revenge, brilliantly combining humor and insight in his relation with others (from Karmaweather.com).